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Hearthstone custom diets use meats and carbohydrates not commonly used in commercial dog food (called novel sources).

Medical Conditions Can be Supported by Hearthstone

Many medical conditions that dogs face can be greatly helped by using medical diets. There are two especially important things to consider. The first is that with certain diseases, specific nutrients need to be increased, while others need to be avoided or closely monitored. The Hearthstone Medical Dog Food Recipes are built in conjunction with your current veterinarian. These specialized diets are not intended to replace other treatments, rather they provide the body with exactly the right nutrients for each condition. The diet assists in recovery and becomes a part of the overall treatment plan. And, unlike most commercial prescription dog foods, Hearthstone Recipes taste good, so the patient is likely to eat more.

The second thing to consider is simply that with food that is prepared at home, you have the opportunity to make sure that all the ingredients are of the highest quality. It comes as a surprise to many people that this one thing actually DOES make a difference. Healthy dogs, when fed with nutritionally balanced homemade, show dramatically better energy levels, shinier coats and brighter eyes, so you can imagine how important it is for a dog suffering with medical conditions to have the best possible nutrition levels so that the dog's body can do the work of healing.

Below you'll find information about each of the types of illnesses that benefit from custom medical dietary support.



Canine Urine Stones and Crystals


Calcium Oxalates Stones

Why does my dog have calcium oxalate stones and why do they keep coming back? We don’t know why certain breeds of male dogs are so prone to forming oxalate urinary crystals and eventually stones no matter which prescription food owners choose to prevent them. But we do know that combining oxalate-free ingredients and carefully supplementing calcium in custom Hearthstone diets can prevent the recurrence of calcium oxalate stones.

Cystine Stones

It really isn’t very comforting to know that your dog’s cystine stones are really rare. You want help so your English bulldog boy doesn’t get any more. Custom Hearthstone diets with limited amounts of certain proteins will not only prevent cystine stones but also help dissolve the existing ones.

Struvite Stones

Your vet has treated your dog with antibiotics and changed her diet. But she hates the prescription food. What diet can she eat that will prevent struvite stones? A carefully formulated Hearthstone diet is not only tastier but will prevent struvite stones and in some cases can even dissolve existing stones.

Urate Stones

Your poor fur baby is a Dalmatian or has liver shunts and has a constant problem with urate bladder stones. Medications plus a  custom Hearthstone diet with limited amounts of the right type of protein can dissolve and prevent urate stones in your dog.

Hearthstone Homemade Dog Food Recipes and Nutrients Testimonial from the real dog owner.


“Buffett has been on your diet for 6 weeks.  We just tested her urine and it came back with not a trace of blood and no infection! She has a whole new energy now and even lost a pound! I am so thrilled that this is working!  You are a blessing!  Thank you!”

— Susan, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ




If you have a dog that has red, infected ears and scratches constantly all year around. Your dog probably has a food allergy. Helping dogs with food allergies is where homemade dog food really shines. Hearthstone diets have limited ingredients, meat, carbohydrate and oil. The protein sources need to be meats and carbohydrates not commonly found in commercial dog food, so be sure to check which recipes are marked "hypoallergenic."

When supplemented with Hearthstone vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, DHA and EPA, these novel ingredients can relieve the discomfort of food allergies for your dog.






Your dog may suffer from only occasional bouts of pancreatitis due to overeating fatty human meal scraps. Or, you may have one of those dogs with chronic pancreatitis due to fat sensitivity from many causes.

A Hearthstone custom diet in either case can help. Limited amounts of high quality fats ensures that the daily essential fatty acid needs of your dog are met while lower total dietary fat lets the pancreas heal and prevents future pancreatitis flare-ups.



Kidney Diseases


Renal Failure

Dogs with kidney disease or failure, from whatever the cause, often go on hunger strikes and won’t eat for long periods of time. Part of the problem is they feel nauseous and the other part is the low protein, low phosphorus prescription diets used to manage the disease don’t taste very good.

Hearthstone custom diets allow more variety of meats and fats, like bacon grease, so it is easier to combat “food fatigue”, keep them eating and enhancing the quality of their lives.


Glomerulonephritis is a type of kidney disease many dog owners know nothing about. The blood filtering part of the kidneys leaks protein so the body becomes protein deficient and dogs lose weight.

Hearthstone custom diets using careful amounts of the right proteins and inflammation fighting DHA and EPA omega-3 fats can reduce weight loss so these dogs can enjoy a more active lifestyle.



Intestinal Conditions



Does your dog have frequent bouts of bloody diarrhea with mucous? It is probably colitis from stress (environmental changes, internal illness or dietary changes), drugs or even an abnormal response of the body’s immune system against the cells lining the colon.

Colitis can be painful and cause “fecal urgency” or frequent attempts to poop with no success. If your dog does not have any underlying illness, custom Hearthstone diets with limited numbers of ingredients, moderate types of the right fiber and the anti-inflammatory fats, DHA and EPA are sometimes all that is necessary to immediately stop the problem and prevent further episodes. If there is an underlying illness Dr. Tudor can work with your veterinarian to modify the recipes accordingly.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

If your dog has inflammatory bowel disease you may already know that we don’t know why it happens. Mysteriously, at any age, the body’s own immune system attacks the lining of the stomach, intestines and/or the colon as if the cells were foreign invaders. The weight loss, vomiting and diarrhea in these dogs can be quite distressing.

Fortunately, Hearthstone custom diets use meats and carbohydrates not commonly used in commercial dog food (called novel sources) with minimal amounts of essential fats. They really help these dogs  feel better and reduce the need for medications. Hearthstone diets are fortified with antioxidants, the anti-inflammatory fats, DHA and EPA, and vitamin B-12 which help control symptoms and improve the quality of life.


Short Bowel Syndrome

If your dog has had major surgery where large sections of intestine were removed you already know about short bowel syndrome. You may also know that these kids do not do well with most commercial and prescription diets. Yet diet is the only way to treat this condition.

High protein Hearthstone custom diets with large amounts of the right fiber and minimal amounts of quality fat can help these dogs gain or maintain their muscles and weight and promote normal or near normal amounts of formed or semi-formed stool.



Congestive Heart Failure


Dogs with congestive heart failure lose muscles and weight. Medications used to treat heart failure cause the loss of potassium and magnesium in the urine. Hearthstone custom diets for heart patients use more protein to prevent muscle loss, less salt to decrease blood pressure and fortified amounts of potassium and magnesium to replace the urine losses.

Such dietary support reduces the distress these dogs experience as overall decline is slowed.





Diet can be just as important as insulin in treating diabetes in your dog. High protein, moderate fat and fiber Hearthstone custom diets with minimal low glycemic index carbohydrates can help keep blood sugar levels more even and reduce the amount of insulin your dog requires.



Liver Diseases


Cirrhotic or Liver Failure

A healthy liver is important for removing waste products from the blood, producing and storing vitamins and minerals and producing energy for the body. The cirrhotic or failing liver may be unable to perform many of its important functions.

Hearthstone custom diets are formulated for the needs of any stage of liver dysfunction with the proper vitamin, mineral supplementation to meet the body’s needs. They are also fortified with antioxidants and DHA and EPA fats to help reduce further liver damage.


Liver shunts are caused by abnormal veins that carry blood from the intestines and body organs past the liver and straight into the arteries. This “untreated” blood contains excess ammonia which causes seizures and promotes urate bladder stones. Genetic defects, especially in certain breeds of dogs, and failing livers create these shunts.

Hearthstone custom diets use limited amounts of certain proteins and include urate-free carbohydrates. They can be very effective in eliminating or reducing seizures and dissolving and preventing urate bladder crystals and stones.




No one wants to hear that their dog has cancer. But medical advances are making it so dogs live longer and the condition is more like other chronic diseases.

Hearthstone custom diets can really help. Using a high quality protein and fat formulation with limited low glycemic index carbohydrates and fortified with DHA they can help slow cancer growth and spread.